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Body Contouring after Weight Loss Surgery

You’ve been through the hard part of losing a substantial amount of weight. Elevare MD can help finish the “new you” through body contouring. Body contouring after significant weight loss removes excess, sagging skin, helping you make the most of your body and restoring the elasticity of skin.

Why body contouring?

  • Maximize your appearance after significant weight loss.
  • Improve self-confidence/body image.
  • Prevent rashes and infections in hanging folds of skin.
  • Encompasses the full spectrum of surgery for management of excess skin including:
    • Arm lift
    • Thigh lift
    • Belt lipectomy
    • Gluteal lift
    • Breast lift
    • Bra-line back lift

Body contouring is typically performed in different stages at different times depending on your needs and wishes. Elevare MD offers a wide range of approaches to body contouring. The goal is always to put skin back where it belongs – against your body.

The Elevare MD Experience

Dr. Michael DeWolfe is Elevare MD’s Board Certified, fellowship-trained plastic and reconstructive surgeon. He has a passion for helping individuals who have lost significant weight achieve the look they hoped for when they set out on their weight loss journey.

During your initial consultation, Dr. DeWolfe will exam your skin and work with you to develop a body contouring plan that fits your life and your unique body. Body contouring often involves a neck lift, arm lift, thigh lift and/or trunk lift. But it all depends on your goals and expectations.

Whatever your plan, the Elevare MD team will make your body contouring experience as smooth as possible. You will receive a detailed, personalized plan of care to prepare you for, and recover from, each body contouring procedure.

Of course, we will always be here to answer any questions or concerns.

To learn more about the Elevare MD body contouring experience, contact us.

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