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Thigh Lift

At Elevare MD, a thigh lift is about more than removing excess fat. It’s about giving you the firmness, contour and confidence that you desire. A thigh lift can sculpt your upper legs in a way that even a great workout plan cannot. With a thigh lift, you can achieve:

  • more youthful looking thighs.
  • tighter skin and better definition around the thighs.
  • improved body image.

Based on individual goals and body type, an Elevare MD thigh lift also can contribute to better definition in the buttocks.

The Elevare MD Experience

Dr. Michael DeWolfe is Elevare MD’s Board Certified, fellowship-trained plastic and reconstructive surgeon. He is a skilled artist when it comes to contouring thighs to meet your ideal image. During your initial consultation, Dr. DeWolfe will exam your thighs and discuss your goals and expectations.

Based on your unique anatomy and preferences, Dr. DeWolfe will strategically place incisions to remove excess skin and fat, resulting in the contour that you desire. All incisions are expertly placed in order to minimize scarring, and be hidden by most clothing, including swimsuits.

The Elevare MD team makes the entire surgical experience as smooth as possible. Most patients go home hours after surgery. You will receive instructions on caring for your thighs and any prescriptions needed to manage any discomfort you may experience. Recovery times vary based on the individual procedure, but most patients return to most normal activities within a week, though some restrictions may apply.

Of course, we will always be here to answer any questions or concerns.

To learn more about the Elevare MD thigh lift experience, contact us.

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