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If you are interested in taking years off of your appearance, trust the experienced team at Elevare MD for a facelift that looks natural, minimizes scarring and will have you back to your normal activities quickly. During a facelift, facial structures are tightened through small incisions and unwanted fat and skin is either removed or repositioned. A facelift is an excellent way to:

  • eliminate wrinkles and fine lines.
  • tighten sagging skin.
  • freshen your facial features
  • reclaim a more youthful look.

What is a short-scar facelift?
A short-scar facelift is a procedure designed to rejuvenate the central and lower face and, in some cases, the neck in both women and men through a short scar. A relatively short scar differentiates the short-scar facelift from the traditional facelift. In a short-scar facelift, the scar usually starts in the hair just above the ear and is then extended in the natural crease immediately in front of the ear, but then stops at the base of the ear rather than extending behind the ear.

Is a facelift right for me?
Elevare MD focuses on creating results that last. Most candidates for facelift are:

  • between 40-70 years old.
  • in good overall health.
  • individuals who have skin that still has some elasticity.

The Elevare MD Experience

Dr. Michael DeWolfe is ElevareMD’s Board Certified, fellowship-trained plastic and reconstructive surgeon. During your initial consultation, you will meet with Dr. DeWolfe to determine if a facelift is right for you. If you are a candidate, he will discuss the results you can expect to achieve.

He also may recommend additional procedures that are sometimes conducted in conjunction with facelift based on your preferences and expectations, such as brow lift, neck lift, eye lift or fat grafting.

The Elevare MD team will make the entire surgical experience as smooth as possible. The vast majority of patients go home within hours after surgery. You can return to virtually all normal activities within one to two weeks. Elevare MD will make sure you have all the recovery resources you need, along with any prescriptions for managing any discomfort you may experience.

Of course, we will always be here to answer any questions or concerns.

To learn more about the Elevare MD facelift experience, contact us.

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