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Facial Fat Transfer

Besides the effects of wrinkling and gravity, volume loss to the face is an important component of the aging process. Elevare MD offers facial fat transfers as a safe and effective solution to address this issue. Through a facial fat transfer, Elevare MD uses your body’s own fat cells to replace lost volume, potentially taking years off your appearance.

Duration. Lasts much longer than other fillers.

Natural. Uses the body’s own cells, virtually eliminating any potential allergic reaction.

Non-invasive. Offers rejuvenation without incisions.

In addition to the face, Elevare MD can offer fat transfers to select other areas of the body to address volume loss.

The Elevare MD Experience

As trained medical professionals, the Elevare MD team has intimate knowledge of facial anatomy, structures and how to restore facial volume in a way that lasts longer. We know that every face is different, which is why every treatment, every injection is customized to fit your unique features – both on and beneath the skin.

During a facial fat transfer, Dr. Michael DeWolfe, Elevare MD’s board-certified, fellowship-trained plastic and reconstructive surgeon, will work with you to determine the best place to harvest fat from on your body. Using liposuction, he will harvest the appropriate amount of fat cells.

Once the cells are harvested, they are purified with special equipment before being gently, but strategically, injected to replenish volume loss. The Elevare MD team will make sure you have care instructions and the resources you need to manage any discomfort before leaving.

Of course, we will always be here to answer any questions or concerns.

To learn more about the Elevare MD facial fat transfer experience, contact us.

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