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Elevare MD is pleased to offer KYBELLA®, the only FDA-approved injectable treatment shown to reduce fat under the chin and lessen or eliminate the formation of double chin (submental fat).

Double chin often contributes to an older and/or heavier appearance. KYBELLA works by destroying fat cells under the chin, not only reducing chin fullness, but preventing fat from being stored in these cells in the future.

For patients interested in improving their overall profile or who want a slimmer face, KYBELLA is a premier non-surgical option that delivers lasting results.

Custom KYBELLA Treatment Regimens

An Elevare MD trained KYBELLA specialist works with each patient to determine his or her aesthetic goals and then determines the number of KYBELLA treatments necessary to achieve those goals. Patients may start to see results in as few as two sessions.

Since KYBELLA utilizes advanced, fat-destroying technology, future treatments often are not necessary once a patient’s desired results are achieved.

The Elevare MD Experience

The Elevare MD team has intimate knowledge of facial anatomy and the underlying tissue that causes a double chin. Having a trained team of medical experts who are experienced in KYBELLA deliver treatment is vital to achieving the results you desire in as few sessions as possible.

Count on the Elevare MD team to deliver KYBELLA for both maximum effectiveness and safety. After treatment, you can leave the office immediately with detailed instructions on care and follow-up. Of course, we will always be here to answer any questions or concerns.

To learn more about the Elevare MD KYBELLA experience, contact us.